And how it might be valuable in the future

Millennia of evolution taught H. sapiens an important lesson: he could get away with being a slob. Hunter-gathers could drop garbage wherever they liked. Before having to take out the trash, they could move camp.

The Greens get snared — and played — in a very fishy political deal

There was a brief moment when I could casually drop at Manhattan cocktail parties that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was my lawyer. Which wasn’t exactly true, of course, but close enough for cocktail chatter. My neighborhood…

Casino capitalism, bankruptcies, bailouts. Sound familiar?

“There is one fundamental lesson we must learn from this experience: electricity is really different from everything else. It cannot be stored, it cannot be seen, and we cannot do without it, which makes opportunities to take advantage of a deregulated market endless. …

It does, but reconciliation will be hard after a 50-year war.

“Joe Biden calls for 100 percent clean electricity by 2035,” the Washington Post wrote last July. Paying close attention to political statements is usually a waste of time, but words matter in headlines. The significant word in that one was “clean.” The word that was not there was “renewable.” This…

With so many now, I pick and choose some favorites.

One year on [edit].

I first started tracking Covid antibody levels exact a year ago. It seems fitting to update this page with a link to an article in The Guardian:

About half of people in UK now have antibodies against coronavirus (here)

[end edit]


Last post, I was speculating. Now with real data!

At the bottom of my last post about a December 2019 Covid case in Portland, Oregon, I attempted to reconcile two facts:

● there are a growing number of reports from people who have tested antibody positive who are convinced they…

Blood antibody testing is telling some uncomfortable Origin Stories.

Antonio wanted to know if the guy was a nut case.

Antonio Regalado, of MIT Technology Journal, had emailed me an informal five-page document entitled “Community Serum Antibody Testing For Past COVID-19 Infection.” He said he had been making the rounds…

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Will Bates writes about science, technology, and business. His journalism has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous magazines.

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